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The Third Door Is A Lie

The Difference Between Resilience & Compartmentalization

AI is the Future of Self-Improvement

The Problem with Personality Tests: Why HR Managers Should be Measuring Teams

Knowing the Odds: Debunking the Myth of Prediction and the Realities of Probability

Predictions are a myth, nobody can predict the future, but we can define probability. Understanding the distinction between probability and prediction can help us prepare for and influence the future.

How AI can help us understand our behaviors and decisions

NLP can identify the components of our internal routines, and even accompanying emotions that trigger the processes.

The Erosion of Self-Confidence & How Recover

At the heart of confidence is a feeling that we are capable of handling the situation in front of us, that we can rely on our abilities or knowledge to take us across the threshold.

Influencing the future: debunking predictions and defining probability

We want someone to tell us what the future holds because the unknown has too much risk. Many tools can provide important insight using probability.

The Science of Resilience Explained

The speed at which we recover from an adverse event, setback, failure, or trauma is called resilience. Data science and ML provide new insights into resilience, allowing us to understand more about ourselves.

Why Startup Founders Quit, and What Investors Can Do

Grit should be the number one factor investors look for when putting their money into early-stage companies. Grit determines whether startup founders have the resilience to endure the endless trials.

The Lifeblood of the Global Economy: Despite Covid-19, Startups Continue to Move Forward

Startups power the global economy. Despite the risks associated with starting a new venture, those brave enough to “go on their own,” introduce new ideas into commerce, creating jobs and living wages around the globe.

A Culture of Innovation: Why Every Company Needs Psychological Safety to Succeed

Innovation isn’t about technology; it is about exploring new ways to solve problems. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Often times innovation is about simplifying and making life easier.