We must learn to listen to our inner voice to master a relationship with ourselves. By listening to the inner voice, we will learn how to control our decisions and behaviors. Listening to our inner voice can be difficult, but it is a necessary part of growth. In this activity, we will start to learn how to listen to our inner voice.

This activity is a writing exercise. If you don’t feel comfortable writing, you can do this exercise out loud or with a partner. We suggest that you record the training to see your growth and continue learning about yourself.


  1. Set aside 20-30 minutes to complete this activity. Put your phone on silent or out of reach to prevent distractions.
  2. Start by thinking about a time where you remember hearing a voice inside of your head. You may need to close your eyes and give yourself a few moments to recall the situation.
  3. Once you have recalled the voice, ask yourself, what was this voice saying? Try your best to recall the entire situation. Do your best to write down everything that you can remember.
  4. Do not blame yourself for what the voice says. You may experience difficult emotions as you recall the voice; you might even have another voice speaking to you as you write. Don’t worry, these experiences are completely normal.
  5. Do you remember the situation where the voice occurred? If you remember when the voice occurred, do your best to write down as many details about the situation as you can remember.
  6. These details can include:
  7. Where were you?
  8. Who were you with?
  9. What were you doing?
  10. How did it make you feel?
  11. Did you want something?

No detail is too small or irrelevant. The more information you remember, the better this activity will be. Once you have entirely recalled the voice and the situation surrounding it, you are done.

We suggest completing this activity 1-3 times per week for the next two weeks. After learning this skill, we will teach you how to interpret the voice and use the voice to gain control over your decision-making and behavior.

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