Trusted Friend vs. Checking Out
To grow and thrive, we all need to stop and take a look at ourselves. It’s often difficult to see ourselves as we are, however, and often we focus only on our perceived flaws. Reflektions aren’t about labels - they’re about understanding our impact on the world by understanding ourselves.
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Behavior Insights

A natural mediator, you are generally considered a trusted friend, and may be able to maintain multiple different groups of friends. You try to keep your life as drama-free as possible, and tend to eventually distance yourself from other people when they try to draw you into conflict.
Your talent for empathy may cause you to feel overwhelmed at times, and it may be difficult to choose between commitments, or to take a break when necessary. This may cause you to overcommit socially and workwise and either burn out or need to retreat from the pressure, which others may perceive as flaky.

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