Derek Larson

Derek Larson

Lead AI Engineer

Derek is the Lead AI Engineer at BizPsych Labs. He earned his degree in Mathematics at Northwestern University, with a passion for Stochastic Processes and Graph Theory. As an engineer, he has developed large-scale recommendation engines using Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning. His models and work have used web data to predict outcomes for startups and helped companies solve mission-critical automation and infrastructure problems. 

Beyond his experiences as an engineer and mathematician, he has led several startup ventures, including a successful exit with Dotbound. Derek’s interest in NLP combines with his love of finance. He has served as an analyst in venture capital, and as a researcher at Northwestern University, studying investment decisions in the Cryptocurrency market. 

Derek joined BizPsych Labs to lead the development of new technologies that can use text and psychometric data to improve people's lives and the culture at companies. Beyond personal development, he wants to improve investment decisions across VC, PE, and finance by leveraging text and psychometric data to gain a deeper understanding of companies and industries.

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