Elana Duffy

Elana Duffy

CTO & Co-Founder

Elana Duffy is the co-founder and CTO of BizPsych Labs. She is a data scientist and software engineer with a background in personality and behavioral sciences. Elana is a Veteran of the U.S Army where she served as an Intelligence Collector, Interrogator, and Counterintelligence Investigator. After a roadside bomb and several surgeries, she was ultimately awarded a Purple Heart and medically retired in 2012. 

Elana is a graduate of Cornell University with a BS and MEng in Operations Research Engineering including data science and data structures. She achieved a Masters of Business Administration with a focus in Information Systems and Business Analytics from the Zicklin School at Baruch College. Her research practice includes personality and how motivation impacts behavior through custom integrations of artificial intelligence, deep learning neural networks, and natural language processing algorithms. 

Her programming and engineering skills are sought after by optimization and efficiency projects throughout New York City, State, and Federal agencies.

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