Max Burwick

Max Burwick

CEO & Co-Founder

Max is the founder and CEO of BizPsych Labs. He is a serial entrepreneur, licensed attorney, and Navy Veteran. Before creating BizPsych Labs, he worked as a consultant playing significant roles in product innovation, business model transformation, and strategy development. He has developed novel models of relationships, emotions, and behavior to help individuals improve their emotional intelligence and self-awareness.  

He has experience in the space industry, complex business litigation, cross-border finance, and organizational restructuring. He served five years in the U.S. Navy as a rescue swimmer and electronic weapons technician in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is active in his community, mentoring college students and helping them to find placement in graduate and specialized technology programs. 

Max envisions a world where AI and emotional technology play a significant role in public health policy, mental health, business performance, financial analysis, personal relationships, and education.

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