Serhiy Khvashchuk

Serhiy Khvashchuk

Head of Technical Development & Lead Developer

Serhiy is the Head of Technical Development & Lead Developer at BizPsychLabs. As a developer and software engineer, he has built systems for a range of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 enterprise clients.

Serhiy is a full-stack developer and product manager. He is highly proficient in React.js, React Native, Angular.js, Express.js, Node.js, Python, and Django. Serhiy understands the product development lifecycle. He supports product teams by developing internal APIs and integrating products to external APIs. He is also proficient as a scrum master, managing teams from multiple business units.

Serhiy has worked with such prominent businesses as PwC and Proctor & Gamble, developing C- suite clients' applications. In addition to working with notable global clients, Serhiy provides pro-bono services to businesses in his native Ukraine, including raising crowdfunding capital on platforms like Kickstarter.

Serhiy is inspired by developing the next generation of coaching and mental health products.

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