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We don’t need to solve every conflict -- only those that are the most caustic to organizational performance, occur frequently and commonly, and impact the largest portion of the population. 

Conflicts exist between people in a given situation. It is difficult to create broad conflict resolution strategies because the variables differ, and solutions need to be tailored to adjust for those variables. These variables can include:

  • - Culture 
  • - Emotional maturity 
  • - Communication style 
  • - Needs 
  • - Educational background
  •  - Family history
  • - Values

All of these variables impact a person’s ability to listen and identify both the concerns and needs of the other party. Given this complexity, it requires a significant amount of training to prepare a person to successfully manage conflict. 

To develop solutions that work, we need to provide a granular approach to conflict, limiting the initial variables. If we analyze the situation properly, we can predict the source of the conflict, the behaviors people will exhibit, and most importantly the motivations underlying those behaviors. With the ability to predict all three factors, we are able to deploy preemptive countermeasures, that provide accurate training and coaching, that prevent the initiation of the conflict.

Our process starts by isolating a specific type of conflict, and defining both the actors and objectives. We predict the interactions that will occur and identify the likely causes of breakdowns in communication. 

We use NLP and clinical algorithms to: 

  • - Build emotional models of the people involved
  • - Predict their needs
  • - Anticipate thoughts
  • - Consider motivations
  • - Forecast emotions 

In understanding the difference between these people and what they are struggling with, we are able to develop customized coaching that helps each person to understand themselves, the impact of their default communication and behavior, the motivations of the other party, and the intent behind the other person’s behavior. This process develops a shift in perspective, lowering the emotional tension, and providing new methods for communication that are appropriate for the situation.

Clients of our white labeled service receive access to a custom version of our coaching software that users love that they can sell or use with their audience. Whether you are a consulting firm looking for additional revenue streams and value adds for your clients or looking for a more personalized version of our coaching tool for your organization, we can help.

Our platform builds on decades of clinical and NLP research to develop personalized coaching programs that can help organizations improve relationships and performance. Through our coaching system and clinical algorithms we accomplish this at scale through an easy to use online platform.

We have developing coaching content down to a science, and can work with your team to develop coaching plans that serve your specific audience.

Business Applications

  • - A consulting firm looking to upsell a custom coaching solution to their client base, and engage them on key metrics, and growth initiatives over time
  • - A school district looking to provide options for personal growth for their teachers, students, and parents
  • - Personal Trainer looking to help clients instill healthy habits

    • - No developers needed. We handle 100% of the installation, and provide a full custom solution, or integration into your existing tech stack and workflow
    • - Potential to scale to thousands of users to meet the need of your employees/teachers/students/customers/etc.
    • - No content writers or coaches needed. Serve your audience without the bloat and effort of training and recruiting additional HR team members, coaches, or content developers.
    • - Flexibility to use the service in house, or by sell the software to your audience. We can provide guidance about pricing, sales materials, and best practices.
    • - Revenue-sharing or subscription based pricing models
    • - Lean on our world class team of data scientists, software engineers, and clinical psychologists, to implement best practices for scaling your audience and content platform
    • - Custom lesson plans, and content development by our in-house clinical board built for your specific audience. We also can help you develop your own content to integrate into our clinical algorithms.  Whether it's teachers, employees, investors, startup founders, or another audience, we can help.
    • - Full anonymity for users
  • Use Case #1 - Parent and Teacher Conflict

    Situation: The conflict that exists between parents and teachers of children with mental health needs. This sample represents 30% of the American school population.

    Limit Initial Type Of Conflict: a child with ADHD is being disruptive in the class and is non-responsive to the teacher’s interventions. The teacher is frustrated, and requests support from the parents.

    Teachers Needs & Objectives: The teacher needs to control the classroom and is searching for support from the parents. 

    Likely Miscommunication From Teacher: Teacher may unintentionally be accusatory or dismissive of parent’s attempts at intervention. Parent’s may not have the resources or skills to successfully intervene and may feel insulted or defensive depending on the teacher's approach. 

    Parents Needs & Objectives: Parents need the teacher to possess the ability to successfully educate their child. Parents need to know their child is safe and healthy.

    Likely Miscommunication From Parents: Parents are likely to presume teacher’s lack of ability or may unintentionally insinuate that teacher does not possess the appropriate skills. Parents may feel attacked by the teacher, or feel that teacher is attacking their child, both leading to defensive posturing.

    Resolution strategy: Given each emotional model for the different actors, create two models that account for the needs of each party. Train mindfulness strategies, learning how to identify changes in physiology due to stress. Focus on learning how to articulate their issues with neutral language, with emphasis on developing the notion of positive intent in communication. 

    Use Case #2 - Employee Conflict

    Situation: The conflict that exists between sales teams and project teams regarding product priorities.

    Limit Initial Type Of Conflict: a product salesperson wants to commit to a new feature to close a deal. The project manager does not believe they have enough resources to add to the scope of the current project initiatives. 

    Sales Needs & Objectives: The salesperson needs to bring in revenue to support the business. 

    Likely Miscommunication From Sales: Sales may unintentionally downplay the scope of requested enhancements and features, or be unaware of competing priorities from other stakeholders. The Project Manager may believe they are undervalued, and lack the resources or skills to successfully explain current priorities and impact of new initiatives. 

    Project Team Needs & Objectives: The Project Manager needs to coordinate resources and staff to execute product changes and ensure stability of the system.

    Likely Miscommunication From Project Team: The Project Manager may dismiss the Salesperson’s technical or project knowledge, or minimize the importance of marketplace pressures. The Salesperson may believe that they are being patronized, or marginalized in Product direction. 

    Resolution Strategy: Individual team members from both sales and project have access to tailored coaching to facilitate communication and respect. Each person will learn skills to reduce feeling unheard, and learn to articulate issues in neutral language that acknowledges the necessary tension between growth and stability, emphasizing positive intent seeking in communication and clarification of limiting assumptions.

    Interested in other use cases or options? Get in touch. We're happy to discuss your situation and how we may be able to help.

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